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Driving In Portugal

Roads in Portugal have improved a lot over the years and all major routes have excellent motorway links. Roads in more rural areas are good but you will need to allow more time for your journey.

Tolls (portagem)

There are a number of major routes in Portugal that charge a toll to use them. This toll is usually an inexpensive way to travel, depending on the roads you use and the distances you travel.

Paying a toll charge is easy and similar to that of toll routes in the UK. Ticket collection points are positioned across the road where you collect a ticket (DO NOT USE THE ‘RESERVADO’ LANE – THIS IS FOR PRE-PAID VEHICLES ONLY AND IS INDICATED BY A GREEN AND WHITE SIGN). You will need to pay on leaving the toll road.

If you are a frequent driver an automated charging system, 'Via Verde' is also available. Visit for more information.

Main toll roads in Portugal

A1 Lisboa to Santarem, A1 Santarem to Fatima, A1 Fatima to Coimbra, A1 Coimbra to Aveiro, A1 Aveiro to Porto, A2 Lisboa to Marateca, A3 Porto to Braga, A4 Porto to Amarante, A5 Lisboa to Cascais, A6 Marateca to Montemor-o-Novo, A8 Lisboa to Torres Vedras, A14 Coimbra to Figueira da Foz

For further information visit

Speed Limits - kilometres per hour (kph)

Motorways - 120kph/74mph
Motorway towing - 100kph/62mph
Open roads - 90kph/55mph
Open roads towing - 70kph/43mph
Urban areas - 50kph/31mph
Fuel translations

Petrol = Gasolina
Unleaded Petrol = Gasolina sem chumbo
Diesel = Gasóleo

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Driving distances from the following locations to our office in Vila Nova de Poiares

276 miles / 445Km
Porto 285 miles / 458Km
Faro 517 miles / 848Km
Braga 116 miles / 187Km
Beja 186 miles / 300Km
Aveiro 51 miles / 82Km
Figueira da Foz   43 miles / 70Km

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