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Alentejo is a south-central region of Portugal. Its name's origin, "além do Tejo", literally translates to "beyond the Tagus". The region is separated from the rest of Portugal by the Tagus river and extends to the south where it borders the Algarve.

This vast area has a contrasting landscape with open plains to the south, granite hills to the north and east and a beautifully rugged coastline to the west.

The Alentejo is commonly called the “bread basket” of Portugal due to it’s fertile soil and reliance on producing such commodities as grain, fruit, sunflowers, olives, wines, lamb, pigs and goats. There are four sub-regions; the Alto (High) Alentejo, the Baixo (Lower) Alentejo, the Alentejo Central, and the Alentejo Litoral. This area of Central Portugal has the greatest weather extremes with cold winters and very hot summers, often up to 40C.

It is a lightly populated region with it’s old towns and villages clearly showing the marks of the Roman, Arab and Christian cultures that have flourished here. Use the links below to find out more about other regions and find our latest portugal properties for sale.

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Property For Sale in Alentejo
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ALENTEJO, Alentejo - no. PS02219
Outstanding property in Alentejo with 480 Hectares of Olive trees

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