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Lousã town is near the city of Coimbra and has a population of around 15,000. It's neighbouring towns and villages are Vila Nova de Poiares to the north, Góis to the east, Figueiró dos Vinhos to the south and Miranda do Corvo to the west. The city of Coimbra is approximately 30mins drive through the valley from Lousã where you can take in the breathtaking views of the mountains and villages en-route.

The town is a mix of traditional and modern construction surrounded by evergreen forests, small villages and mountainous terrain. It's a popular town with a comprehensive collection of amenities, shops, cafes and restaurants. There is a good community feel with highly rated schools and receives good reviews from people who have relocated in and around the area.

The town has a number of accommodation options and boasts a 4 star hotel, Meliá Palácio da Lousã -  a converted palace/manor house with great views of the mountains, the Serra ad Lousã. Expect to pay from €70 per night. Alternatively there is the Residencial Martinho located in a quiet street near the town centre, bars, restaurants and shops where a double room with air conditioning from €35 per night.

Melia Palacio da Lousã Hotel

Lousã Castle is located up the mountain about 2km from the centre of town and is situated on the bank of the River Arouce. Waterfalls, open air swimming pool, magnificent views and Burgo, a top rated restaurant in Portugal, which stands near the base of the Castle, are just a few of the attractions for visitors and locals alike. Also avaialble in this area are sports and outdoor activities for the more adventurous such as canoeing, climbing, walking, absailing and more.

The town benefits from good local supermarkets but there is also room for smaller more traditional shops to prosper. On Mondays you can walk around the market buying and sampling some of the local produce from honey, flowers, fish and much more. There is a tourist office for those who are looking for more information and a library also offering information on the towns forthcoming events.

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