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Learning Portuguese when you have purchased property and are planning a permenent move is one of the most positive steps you can take. There are many reasons why learning the language will improve how you settle into your new life in Portugal. Other than making life easier the local people appreciate the effort new comers to the area make, even if your a novice and are just starting out, people respond warmly to those giving it a go! Although many people around the world learn English as their second laguage, many of the older generation know no or very little English especially in rural areas.

Going to Portuguese lessons before you move will give you and your family a headstart and a feel for the basic language people use day to day. Being able to meet your neighbours or successfully tackle your first trip to the supermarket and ask for the things you and your are familiar with  will take a lot of pressure off during the settling down period. There is always inverably a lot to organise when you first arrive, from telephone lines, gas and electicity connections to eating out and greeting the locals.

If you planning to find employment in Portugal having a good grasp of the language will be a must. If you have children that will attend a local school, knowing the basics will make sure they will intergrate into their new class smoothly at a demanding time.

Benefits of learning the language

1. Improve employment potential

2. Sharpen cognitive and life skills

3. Appreciate native literature, music, film and tv

4. Make travel more feasible and enjoyable

5. Understand your new cultural surroundings

6. Make new friends.

Ways to learn Portuguese

1. Enrol in a local class before you move

2. One to one tutoring will aid you learning the langiage quicker as each lesson can be planned around your requirements

3. If you are pressed for time buy a Portuguese phrase book to help you learn the basics

4. Linguaphone courses are ideal if you are time and you can learn whilst drivng to work or travelling on the train

5. Linkword language courses are a great way to lean and are fun to

Useful words to learn

Thank you Obrigado (males)
Obrigada (females)  
  one um
Please Por favor   two dois
Good morning Bom dia   three três
Good afternoon Boa tarde   four quatro
Good evening Boa noite   five cinco
Yes Sim   six seis
No Não   seven sete
Bank Banco   eight oito
My name is
Meu nome é   nine nove
How much is it? Quanto é?   ten dez
Do you speak English?   
Fala inglês?   hundred cem
I don't understand Não compreendo   thousand   

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