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Health Care & assistance

Always call 112 for all medical emergencies

Knowing where you can get health care, whether from a doctor or hospital, will give you peace of mind, should you ever find yourself in need of assistance.

Health care in Portugal has been reformed in recent years and has improved greatly. There are Health Care Centres in most towns where you will be able to register with a doctor. It is advised to ask at your local health centre of the whereabouts and contact information of your nearest hospital.


The healthcare system in Portugal is available to all EU residents. Until recently, you needed an E form to get such treatment. Now these paper forms have been replaced by the European Health Insurance Card. For more information on a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Once you can show that you have applied for the issue of a national health card, you will become eligible to use the national health service under the same conditions as any Portuguese national. Until then, you will be treated as a visitor who, on production of a British passport, is entitled to receive emergency state treatment.

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