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Eating out
Eating out in Portugal is a way of life. You will see many small cafes as you drive through Portugal that offer breakfast, light snacks and lunch menus. Food in restaurants is of good quality, usually prepared from fresh, local produce. The best, value for money dining is in the simplest restaurants away from the main tourist areas. They tend to have a “dish of the day” which is usually good, wholesome food.

Traditional Portuguese dishes are;

Carne de Porc Alentejana  -  a dish of pork and clams with fried potatoes

  -  Shellfish and seasoned rice similar to paella.

Leitao  -  Whole Suckling pig spit roasted.

Javali com Castanhas  -  Wild boar cooked with chestnuts

Chanfana  -  Slow roasted goat marinated in red wine.

Cabrito  -  Kid goat

Petinga  -  Small sardines with a light seasoned batter.

Enguias  -  Eels cooked in various ways including stew and deep fried.

Coelho  -  Rabbit cooked in various ways including pot roasted and barbequed.

And, of course, the famous sardines. It is said the best grilled sardines anywhere in Portugal can be eaten in June or July in Figueira da Foz. All of the above are always served with excellent house wines and lots of it!

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