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Fresh is an important word when talking about Portuguese cuisine, with many restaurants and eateries sourcing many of their ingredients locally.

Food is diverse, rich and full flavoured with meat and fish creating many renowned and traditional dishes. Dry salt cod (bacalhau in Portuguese) features heavily in Portuguese cooking, with hundreds of different recipes for this popular fish. Grilled Sardines are also a favourite on menus across the country with the simplest recipes often producing the best results. Caldeirada, stew made with a variety of fish, potato, tomato and onion. Variations of this dish also include clams, mussels and shrimp.

Desserts are usually rich and egg based, with custard and rice pudding type recipes are a firm favourite for the sweet-toothed. One of the most famous dessert is Pastel de nata, small custard tart, which can be found in cafés throughout Portugal. 

Some other recipes you may come across on your travels
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- stew of beef and beans.

Frango de churrasco - salty roasted chicken cooked on a skewer, spiced with hot red chili sauce.

Carne de porco à alentejana - Traditional sautee of Pork with clams in a spicy wine sauce.

Pastel de nata - Portuguese custard tarts

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